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#SportsSunday: Nicole Hensley, The Unlikely Goalie

Nicole Hensley, as a goalie for  the U.S. Women's National Team, represented the U.S. at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games...and brought home the gold! Her path to this point was a bit unconventional but clearly driven by her love for hockey - a game typically not associated with women athletes.  Her skill in the sport began on roller blades and eventually transitioned to the ice and playing with the boys. "At around age 12 is when boys start ‘checking’ – the (very) physical act of disrupting the puck bearer – which created warranted apprehension with her mother, Leslie. The only way Hensley would be allowed to continue with the boys, Leslie said, was if Hensley shifted to goalie, the one position on...

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#SportsSunday: Surf's Up for Maya Gabeira

January of 2018, Maya Gabeira set the record for the highest wave ridden by a woman.  This wave, at Nazaré, Portugal measured 68 feet high - just over 12 times Gabeira's own height of 5'6.  Maya Gabeira was awarded a Guinness World Record for this record-breaking ride.  The danger in surfing such high waves isn't just in the height of the wave, but also in the bone-crushing strength when it comes down on a surfer.  This was not Gabeira's first time riding the waves of Nazaré, Portugal.  She had previously ridden the waves of this notoriously dangerous deep-water canyon and nearly lost her life.  After months in rehab, training, and getting her courage back, Maya Gabeira came back, as an empowered woman, to dominate those same waves. This video is definitely a "Wait...

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