Moisture Up While You Mask Up

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Most of us are aware when our faces, and more specifically our lips are responding to the environment around us.  For instance, we know that if we are in excessive heat or cold, our lips will chap, maybe even hurt…and then we soothe them with lip balm.  We know that when we are out in the sun without the protection of SPF lip balm we are doing serious damage to our lips that goes beyond just being chapped.

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Nowadays, most of us are probably wearing protective face masks or face coverings most of the time. We may think that with any type of face covering, our lips have the ultimate protection they need and as a result, we may neglect to care for our lips, on a more direct level ,in a manner to which they have become accustomed.

Many of us have seen the images of heroic healthcare workers, who, because of battling the COVID-19 pandemic on the front lines, bear the marks of continuous mask-wearing; faces marred by irritation and blistering from the face masks.  While most of us will not ever experience damage to this extent, we will likely experience particular on our lips.

Our lips are trapped within masks along with the heat, humidity and friction from the mask that typically causes lips to chap. The mask also makes it difficult to regularly, and properly moisturize. Constantly reapplying lip balm is a challenge even on the best of days, in the time before “mask wearing” was a thing. Now, more than ever, it is important to use a lip balm with staying power, to ensure that your lips are protected from the chafing that comes from constant friction. There are some good ones on the market, but of course we would recommend Preventive Measures 101 lip balms specifically because of the moisture release technology built into every stick.

Preventive Measures 101 Moisture Release Technology works with the movement of our lips. Every time we rub them together, or even when we kiss, moisture is released that keeps them soft & smooth, healthy & sexy. PM101 lip balms were made to stay the course.

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