Behind the Brand

“Bringing health and beauty to women and men around the world”; that’s the mantra of Anjani Prabhu-Singh, CEO of Chayya Products Incorporated, a private label skin care and color cosmetics company.

Anjani's mother was diagnosed with neck and throat cancer. Her mother went through a round of surgery to remove the tumors followed by radiation and finally chemotherapy. As her mom was going through her battle with cancer, she complained how dry and painful her lips felt.

Anjani formulated a lip balm with a moisture release technology made with a medley of “super fruit” oils like pomegranate, red grapes, apples, and grapefruit. Using aloe, shea butter and 100% refined petrolatum and mineral oil to ensure her mother did not absorb any added toxins to her body, the lip balm tremendously helped her mother’s lips from being dry and painful.

Sadly, Anjani’s mother passed in April, 2016. The launch of Preventive Measures 101 Lip Balms was June, 2016. The lip balms have been well received by those living an active lifestyle, a lifestyle that never sleeps; and most importantly lifestyles that are living with a diagnosis causing their lips to be dry and extremely chapped.

She is currently collaborating with other inspirational women to empower women all around the world. Sharing Anjani’s and other women's stories of overcoming their trials and tribulations in their lives is inspiring women to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals, making yet another difference in the lives of human beings!