Soooo Many Choices!

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There are so many lip balms to choose from.

What sets them apart from one another?
  • Key Ingredients
  • SPF or Non-SPF
  • Flavors
  • Tints

...and I can go on & on, medicated, plumping, CBD or Hemp Oil.


But what exactly does a lip balm need to accomplish?

For most individuals it's moisture, and second, perhaps, SPF protection.

Each lip balm has its own unique formulations that makes the point of differentiation. For Preventive Measures, we made sure we paid attention to continual moisturizing for the lips and a unique technology to deliver that moisture.

Say Goodbye To The Re-Apply

Our lip balms are the only ones on the market with a moisture release technology that provides continual moisturizing without having to keep applying lip balm. Instead of giving you just a burst of moisture at the time you apply the lip balm, Preventive Measures lip balms rely on the constant movement of your lips through actions like talking, laughing, and smiling to continually release the moisturizing properties onto your lips.

With so many lip balms on the market, we made it easy for you to pick one that does the job of moisturizing & give you Healthy Sexy Lips 24/7!!

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