Unveiling The Benefits of Hemp in Lip Balm

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Hemp or Marijuana? Are they the same?

Hemp and marijuana are basically variants of the same species – Cannabis sativa – and look similar enough as to be easily mistaken for each other. The defining difference between the two is in the THC content of each. THC is the psychoactive component that gives one a high when consumed or smoked. Hemp contains only 0.3% or less of THC but has other great benefits which is why it has become a very popular ingredient in beauty products. You can use hemp products and will not get the high that one would get from marijuana.

Nourishing Hemp Oil

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Full of essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and antioxidants, hemp oil is rich with nutrients that are beneficial to the prevention and relief of dry, chapped lips. With the ability to lock in moisture, hemp oil is a hydrating, healing powerhouse. 

Hemp contains omega-6 fatty acids which are excellent for reducing inflammation that can occur from conditions such as cheilitis which can sometimes be very painful. Lip balm infused with hemp oil can help soothe lips and prevent further drying and painful inflammation.

Preventive Measures 101 Lip Balms

Hemp infused lip balms are becoming a go-to choice for skincare and beauty  enthusiasts. PM101 Hemp Infused Lip Balm will help lips feel healthy and sexy 24/7. With our Moisture Release Technology, PM101 lip balms provide extended, hydrating wear. Our lip balms are not greasy which also makes them an ideal addition to every cosmetic bag because you can use it as a hydrating base to lipstick –  even mattes – and they will not affect the appearance of the lipstick.

Preventive Measures 101 Hemp Infused Lip Balm for a nourishing lip care experience. You’ll never go back.

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