What People Are Saying


- Madison Miller

"This is a pretty good, standard lip balm. I always have dry, chapped lips and this product seems to keep them hydrated for a couple of hours at a time with just a couple of swipes. The mint scent and flavor isn’t overpowering which I find to be a good thing. Overall, it feels pretty good on the lips and I enjoy this balm😊"

- angelanichole2011 via IPSY.com

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“After I wear this lip balm I actually feel like my lips are better off than when I first put it on, instead of just keeping them from bleeding. It really seems like it might be helping my ever chapped lips improve overall, instead of just temporarily! And it also smells amazing, so there's that!"
- Belle
“I’m a rough reviewer for lip balms because I use them so much. This one won me over. Nothing fancy in the applicator. No color. Barely there scent/flavor. BIG results! I keep this within reach during my day. It makes my lips SO soft and stays put a really long time.”
- Brandi
“I'm currently an Ortho patient, which is just a fancy way of saying I have braces and the struggle of chapped and cracked lips is real! I'm so in love with this product because it keeps my lips very hydrated, which for many people who have braces is a struggle.”
- Marissa
“One of the best lip balms EVER. My lips are really chapped and the first time I used this my lips felt replenished, nourished and super hydrated and silky. LOVE IT!”
- Tiff
“Hi, I read on your site that your proceeds go to skin cancer research, which I think is absolutely amazing. My uncle has cancer and he can't use a lot lip balms because it gives him an allergic reaction. He has been using the After Hours and has not gotten an allergic reaction and his lips stay moist longer, especially after his chemo treatments. Thanks SO much for making a meaningful product.”

- Soraya

“OMG!!! The best lip balm that I have ever used. This balm felt like pure, refreshing water on my lips every time that I used it. Awesome brand and product!!!”

- qdfloyd

“I have never heard of Preventive Measures 101, but this lip balm is great! Before I go to bed, I put this lip balm on and my lips are nice and plump the next day. It's my go to lip product when my lips are chapped and I have been biting on them all day. After applying on my chapped lips, it instantly heals my lips.”
- Kristal_hall

A portion of the proceeds is donated to skin cancer research